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If you are responsible for providing leadership and direction for a large group of people, you know how important it is to ensure that they are consistently implementing strategies to grow and improve their business. Providing your team with strategies that they are comfortable with and will implement are key to your success. With all of the day to day issues you deal with as a leader, the focus on business development can sometimes fade leading to a less profitable team.

Perhaps you and your team could use some support and guidance in making changes that will drive the growth of your business. If so, you may find that our corporate retainer arrangements are the perfect fit for you. Described by some executives as “hiring a business development division without paying for someone full time,” our corporate retainer consulting arrangements will help you take a focused approached to coaching, training, and implementing concepts that will lead to more and better business from your clients.

As you may have seen with the testimonials page, implementing Feedback Marketing concepts will have a significant impact on your company’s ability to get more referrals. Whether you see the value of conducting one-to-one Interactive Client Surveys or would appreciate the feedback provided when quality clients participate in focus groups, setting up a corporate retainer arrangement will bring Dan Allison to work with your team on site to implement these strategies successfully. Our corporate retainer program is a great value for the executive who has to wear many hats. Incorporating Dan into your business development efforts can help you create advocates out of your own clients and make your sales team more effective than they have ever been. Under these arrangements, Dan will spend two to three days on site working with you, your staff, and your clients to implement the Feedback Marketing strategies consistently in your business. From assisting in the process of planning and orchestrating focus groups with your best clients, to doing trainings and workshops for your employees, our corporate retainers provide a highly effective level of support. Below are just some of the services that Dan can provide under these arrangements:

  1. Conducting focus groups with valued clients and staff to discover how to be more effective at growing your business.
  2. Conducting Interactive Client Surveys with valued clients and staff to learn what clients and staff value about your firm and how to make their experience one that they want to talk about.
  3. Traveling the country to do trainings and workshops for staff located in different regions so that all the members of your team are implementing strategies that build the business.
  4. Analyzing marketing concepts for your company’s products and services, and doing the necessary research and development to take these concepts from the idea stage to implementation based on feedback from the people you are trying to attract.
  5. Conducting focus groups with prospects to learn how your firm can attract better clients.
  6. “Training the Trainers”—Dan can work with executive and business development staff to make them experts in the Feedback Marketing strategies so that these processes live beyond your consulting arrangement.

Dan has served as a consultant to some of the most successful firms in the country. Not only has he personally created and perfected the Feedback Marketing concepts, but he also has the experience of starting a company from scratch and growing it to more than 400 employees. Dan’s entrepreneurial background helps him to understand challenges that go well beyond business development.

Our corporate retainer arrangements are highly personalized to meet the needs of your firm, and the fees are tailored to ensure that it is an easy decision for you to make when considering the benefits you will receive. The best way to explore this option is to schedule an onsite visit with Dan to discuss your firm’s unique challenges and opportunities.

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