Turnkey Referral System - $199

Often described as “the most professional approach to earning referrals in the financial services industry,” our Turnkey Referral System provides everything needed to begin getting referrals today. Simply put, if you don’t get your investment back many times over, it means you didn’t use the materials. Even small portions of the system can make a dramatic impact on your business.

Purchasing our training system provides access to an exclusive area of our website where you can download five essential business development tools. All of these tools are provided in digital format for ease of use.

Two-Hour Referral Workshop Video - Advisors around the world have paid hundreds of dollars to attend this popular two-hour referral workshop. Viewing the video will give you a better understanding of why your clients don’t refer you to more people and what you can do to turn that situation around.

Complete 100-Page Audio-Video Training Workbook - Even when you know what to do, developing a plan can seem overwhelming. This step-by-step guide is loaded with videos, audio instruction, scripts, and templates to help you implement our process immediately.

Two-Hour Referral Workshop Audio - In addition to the workshop video, you will receive a link to download the audio in an MP3 format for easy portability, learning, and review.

A Digital Copy of the Feedback Marketing Book - This book details how you can improve your clients’ experiences, strengthen existing relationships, and begin to earn referrals.

Six Hours of Focus Group Audio Training - Our first and most popular process has always been how to engage your clients and prospects by conducting small focus groups. This powerful approach to building a business has been called “simple,” “brilliant,” and “obvious, but never done!” Our audio training sessions will walk you through the process of developing and implementing focus groups that fit your business model.

The results of using these materials are simple. You will begin to earn more referrals without ever having to feel uncomfortable or unprofessional. You’ll understand that earning more referrals from your clients and personal relationships doesn’t have to be difficult, but it does need to be systematic. The best aspect of this system is that it is guaranteed to help you. If you use the materials and don’t see any improvement in your business, simply email us and we will refund your investment. In five years, this has never happened. As you will see from our testimonials, this system works.

Feedback Marketing How to Duplicate Clients, Attract Prospects, and Create Advocates...Without Talking  $24.95

Purchase Dan Allison's book, Feedback Marketing How to Duplicate Clients, Attract Prospects, and Create Advocates...Without Talking